Dividing Your Property And Assets In A Divorce

Florida law states that family court will need to divide your marital assets in a fair and equitable manner if you get a divorce. However, this does not necessarily mean 50-50, and you and your spouse may differ on what is a "marital" asset.

At La'Rae H. Hendrix P.A., our lawyers provide personal representation to clients in Northeast Florida to protect their rights and recognize all of the work that you put into the marriage.

We have extensive experience dealing with the division of property like:

  • The marital home and any other properties, such as a beach home
  • Cars, boats and other vehicles
  • Luxury items such as electronics, art and jewelry
  • Retirement assets and investments
  • Family-owned businesses

We can work with financial experts to determine what is a marital asset or debt subject to division and what is a nonmarital asset that belongs to you. We always attempt to keep the process moving forward toward an agreement, but will be ready to represent you in court if necessary, where our attorneys have extensive track records.

Taking A Big-Picture Approach To Your Divorce

It is likely that you and your spouse will not agree on the division of every single item and dollar. However, in most cases, that is not a reason to spend more money fighting for something that may not be worth much.

Instead, work with attorneys like ours, who family court judges recognize for their ability to come up with outside-the-box resolutions to these disputes. These can include selling the marital home and splitting the proceeds or having one spouse buy the other one out. We will look for the solution that protects your financial security now and in the future and is in your best interest, and we'll help you make informed choices to get there.

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