Is Collaborative Law Right For Me?

A divorce is going to be stressful for almost anyone. Even if you are sure it is the right choice, you will still likely have questions about the cost, length of time, disruption to your children's lives and what your new life will look like. That is why many people are turning to the collaborative divorce method to save time, money and stress.

With experience in both collaborative law and traditional divorce litigation, attorney La'Rae Hendrix can help you determine what setting may be the best to get through your divorce in a way that protects your interests. Her law firm, La'Rae H. Hendrix P.A., serves clients across Northeast Florida, including in St. John's County.

Understanding The Collaborative Divorce Method

In a collaborative divorce, you will work with your lawyer, your ex and his or her lawyer. At the beginning of the process, all of the parties will sign an agreement saying they are working on finding a resolution without litigation.

Then, you can call in outside experts, such as financial experts and psychologists, who can help you talk through any disagreements and find solutions for child custody and time sharing, property division and any other issues that you want to address.

By working together now to forge a mutually beneficial settlement, you will likely be able to work together more effectively in the future. This is important if you have children and you will have to co-parent with your ex.

For this to be successful, both you and your soon-to-be-ex will both need to be on board with finding a method that minimizes conflict and works to find positive solutions. Our lawyers can walk you through the entire process and help you decide if it aligns with your goals.

Learn More At A Consultation With A Family Law Attorney

At La'Rae H. Hendrix P.A., we pride ourselves on providing personal client representation that meets your needs and goals. We also will not hesitate to give advice that we think is in your best interest. To learn more about the collaborative divorce process, schedule a consultation online or call our offices in Ponte Vedra Beach or Orange Park, Florida, at 904-458-7803.