Modifying The Terms Of Your Divorce

It is hard to predict what our lives will be like a few years down the road. This is no different after a divorce. That is why when circumstances change, it may be possible to seek a modification of the terms of your divorce.

Actually receiving a modification, however, is not an easy task. Judges in St. John's County and across Florida want to know that circumstances have "substantially" changed before they grant one. Other times, the parties may not agree on the modification. At La'Rae H. Hendrix P.A., our family law attorneys can walk you through the process and help you determine what your chances are of receiving a modification.

When It May Be Appropriate To Seek A Modification

If you are a parent to minor children, a lot can change before they turn 18. If you would like to seek a modification, you will need to prove that any change will be in the child's best interest. Some situations that may warrant a modification of child custody or time sharing include:

  • One parent relocating out of state
  • Your ex failing to provide a safe environment for your children
  • Physical, sexual or emotional abuse by your ex toward the children
  • A change in work schedule to a parent that may require different pick-up and drop-off schedules
  • A teen child stating that he or she would like to live with a different parent

When it comes to financial matters, such as child support and spousal support payments, a modification may be necessary when:

  • One party experiences a substantial increase in income
  • One party loses his or her job
  • A child's needs change with regard to health or education
  • One party receives a large inheritance
  • A change in which parent the child lives with

Our lawyers pride themselves on providing straight talk and setting proper expectations. If they do not think a modification is possible, they will tell you. However, they are also skilled at finding solutions where they did not seem to exist. They will always keep you informed about your case and the potential choices you will have to make to achieve your goals.

Schedule A Consultation To Learn More

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