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Will DUI charges affect your Florida divorce case?

As you go through divorce, the intense emotions may cause you to turn to drinking to cope with your situation. Next thing you know, you are facing DUI charges. You may be worried about how this situation will affect your divorce proceedings.

Generally, the consequences will depend on the details of the DUI and your divorce, as well as your ex's reaction. The following are likely problems you may encounter after a DUI:

Increase in contention

Whether your divorce started out cooperative or has always been heated, things may get increasingly contentious. Your ex may be angry at you or think the kids would not be safe with you, leading to more court battles.

Jail time

A conviction may lead to jail time, complicating your ability to be fully involved in the divorce case and to be with your children. However, a DUI arrest or conviction does not automatically lead to a loss of custody or visitation; you still have rights as a parent. Only if your children were in danger or if your conviction is a first-degree misdemeanor or higher would you be at risk of losing these rights.

Financial strain

Handling two cases at once will rack up a large attorney bill, as well as court fees. Depending on your circumstances, you may also have to pay restitution to victims or child support and alimony to your ex. Having a DUI on your criminal record can affect your employment, harming your ability to make payments. A prison sentence also hinders your financial stability.

Loss of driving privileges

If you lose your driver's license, you will have to come up with an arrangement for transporting your children between households and attending important events in their lives. Not being able to drive likely also impacts your ability to work.

As you can see, a DUI can lead to many negative effects in your divorce case in Florida. However, hope is not lost. With the right defense, you can avoid most of these consequences, especially if you are a first-time offender.

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