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What is a fair amount of spousal support?

Spousal support, often called alimony, can be quite the contentious issue in a divorce. The reality is that splitting up most likely means financial pain on both sides, no matter how wealthy a couple may be. This financial pain means that both spouses can present reasons that sound entirely valid for needing to increase or decrease spousal support.

How drug court works in Florida

When someone commits a drug offense due to addiction, sending him or her to jail punishes the crime but may not do much to prevent further violations. Based on this understanding, many states, including Florida, have established drug courts that offer treatment as an alternative to a prison sentence for some types of drug offenders.

Pedestrian fatalities increase, growing concern

A Florida man was struck and killed earlier this month while walking or standing in traffic during night time hours in Orange Park, becoming the latest pedestrian fatality in our state. Pedestrian injuries and fatalities have steadily increased through the years, alarming city and community leaders, safety experts and the public.

Do not overlook your needs when making your estate plans

When creating your estate plans in Orange Park, you may become so focused on leaving your loved one an inheritance that you overlook the most important person in the process: yourself. There is nothing wrong with looking out for your family members and doing what you can to ensure they receive your assets and legacy when you die. But if you do not make provisions for yourself that will protect you if you live longer than you expect and fall ill, you could end up needing their inheritances for yourself. 

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