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Who will cover personal injury claim after hit-and-run accident?

Victims of hit-and-run accidents in Jacksonville and surrounding areas might find that recovering damages could be quite a challenge. Although law enforcement in Florida catches up with fleeing drivers in many cases, in true hit-and-run accidents, the drivers are never found. Medical expenses and other personal injury-related losses can be substantial, even more so if the victim was a pedestrian or a cyclist who suffered serious injuries.

Personal injury claims are tied to negligent left-turn accidents

Improper left turns take a great toll in terms of traffic accidents and injuries in Florida. Personal injury and death occur far too often due to the careless driver who does not safely negotiate a left turn. Where a driver makes a left turn from a major roadway, attempting to get onto an intersecting road, the driver who is turning in the face of oncoming traffic must be very careful to avoid turning when it is unsafe to do so.

Hit by a truck? You can seek compensation for a personal injury

Tractor trailers are a common feature on Florida interstates and highways. These large vehicles play an important role in the transportation of goods across the country, but this does not mean that they are safe. These vehicles are not only dangerous, they are also more likely to cause a personal injury to someone inside a passenger car than to the truck's driver.

Personal injury, death result from intersectional collision

Collisions at intersections in Florida can sometimes be as deadly as head-on highway crashes. When a driver is careless or reckless in ignoring traffic signals and crashes into another vehicle going through an intersection, the ensuing destruction may be substantial. This is what happened in a horrific accident resulting in death and personal injury in the Tampa Bay part of the state on July 17.

Staff shortages cause nursing home neglect and personal injury

Nursing home neglect is a serious problem in Florida. With such a high percentage of the state's population being retired and older persons, it is an issue that deserves serious attention. When negligence of a nursing home or its staff results in injury or death to a resident, the victim or the surviving family may have a personal injury or wrongful death claim for monetary damages.

Personal injury, death result when vehicle crashes into bus stop

Pedestrians and people standing on sidewalk areas seem to be less safe in Florida and other states in recent years. Either the incidence of drivers losing control and crashing into pedestrian areas has increased considerably or the reporting of such incidents has become much more thorough. These incidents can be among the deadliest, leaving a path of death and personal injury in their wake.

2 suffer personal injury, 4 youths are dead in two-car crash

Florida has suffered many tragic highway accidents in which some of its most promising young people have been struck down. Death and personal injury abound in accidents involving both high school and college students or young people in that age range. When such tragedies occur, there is often a period of adjustment that the surviving families and friends must experience.

Personal injury claim changes to wrongful death if victim dies

In Florida and all other states, a driver who rear-ends a stationary vehicle on the roadway is liable for the injuries and damages that flow from that act of negligence. The operator or passengers in the struck vehicle have a right to bring a claim for personal injury damages against the driver of the offending vehicle. If a victim dies as a result of the rear-end collision, the deceased person's estate may bring a wrongful death claim for damages against the wrongdoer.

Florida personal injury: Accident injuries 2, kills 1 in Florida

Most people are aware of the potential of being injured in a car accident while traveling on Florida roads. As a result, the majority of drivers take precautions in an attempt to avoid being involved in such an incident. Unfortunately, even the safest drivers are sometimes unable to avoid the negligent acts of others. The victims of a recent crash -- including the surviving family members of a deceased woman -- may be considering filing a personal injury lawsuit.

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