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Estate suffers probate battles 12 years after singer's death

In Florida and elsewhere, pain and turmoil for one's family and intended beneficiaries can be the result of not properly preparing an estate plan or in failing to update estate documents when necessary. One dramatic example of what can happen is shown by the probate chaos that has surrounded the estate of James Brown, the iconic rock and roll artist, who died in 2006. Brown's estate has faced a raging battle with his purported widow; family members have fought for the rights to Brown's music, and some of the heirs have challenged Brown's son as not being his biological child.

Aretha Franklin's estate is admitted to probate without a will

Florida is a state where people are perhaps more conscious about having a will prepared, but nonetheless, the nationwide statistics show that over half of U.S. adults do not have a will or a living trust. It is difficult to believe that wealthy celebrities would be careless enough to not prepare efficiently for their financial legacy during and after death, but the recent debacle over Prince's estate and the lack of a will indicates otherwise. The celebrity whose estimated $80 million estate now goes to probate without a will is that of Aretha Franklin, who died on Aug. 16.

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